Aspire Breeze 2
Aspire Breeze 2

• Rechargeable 1000mAh Battery
• 2ml Capacity
• Adjustable Airflow
• Slim Design
• Refillable pod system
• USB Charging

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The Aspire Breeze 2 is a compact, pocket friendly all-in-one vape device, with its ergonomic design its fits comfortably in your hand.It features a convenient 2ml refillable pod, which is easy to remove and refill, an adjustable airflow which allows you to control your vaping experience


Always fully read the instructions for your device and ensure it is fully charged before you start to vape.

Fill your tank slowly to the max line and then let your device sit for 5/8mins so that the CBD VAPE liquid is soaked into the coil, otherwise you can get a dry hit.

Turn on your device by clicking 5 times on the fire button. Whilst holding the fire button down, place the mouth piece in your mouth and slowly inhale naturally.

You can either hold the inhalation in your mouth for a couple of seconds and release or alternatively breathe it down to your lungs. Taking the vape down into your lungs will give you faster and higher absorption.

Each time you use the device inhale just three times, so that it does not burn out the coil.  Wait aprrox 5 minutes to see if you feel the effects. If you don’t feel anything  ake three more inhalations. As with all CBD products, daily dosage should be a slow build to  see how your body reacts.  Slowly build up each day your daily dosage until you get the desired effect.


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